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urban mosaic

Urban Mosaic is an international organization, founded in 2006, based on Christian principles and values, that works with fragile cities who are impacted by inequality, poverty, hopelessness, corruption, violence and weak institutions. Their goal is to focus on holistic change to transform these cities into SHALOM cities characterized by justice, wellbeing, hope, inclusion, safety, resilience and sustainability.



Amextra’s mission is to promote integral transformation of marginalized communities in Mexico. They promote sustainable change processes, accompanying community leaders and promoting local participation. This work transforms living conditions in marginalized communities, with values of service, participation, and justice.


Global Pediatric Alliance

By providing educational, technical, and financial support, Global Pediatric Alliance is working alongside communities to build the skills and empower traditional birth attendants and community health workers, often the only link to essential maternal and child health services in remote and marginalized areas where access to state health services is limited. They also provide small grant funding to sustainable community-driven health projects that can lead to improved health and community well-being.



Cooperative for Education

Cooperative for Education has a vision of a Guatemala transformed through education: a future in which every Guatemalan child learns to read and graduates high school with the skills they need to thrive. They believe that when they empower young people with the opportunities to rise out of poverty, not only will they determine their own stories, they will shape the destiny of their country.


Potter's House

Potter’s House works to overcome poverty by working with children from childhood through the teenage years. They offer a holistic approach through five different programs. They believe that a person that has overcome poverty and has a personal relationship with God will be influential to his/her family. Then the family will bring changes to the community. By transforming communities, it generates positive changes to the nation as a whole.


Common Hope

Fighting poverty with diplomas. Poverty ends wherever education thrives. At Common Hope, we work with Guatemalan families to provide the resources needed to achieve better lives. We believe there’s more to an education than supplies, so from healthcare to housing, becoming more starts with doing more.



MAIA focuses its efforts in Guatemala, a country with the worst gender equity gap in the Americas and where nearly 80 percent of the Indigenous population lives below the poverty line. Guatemala is a country in dire need of new talent and perspectives. Less than 20 percent of Indigenous girls will graduate from secondary school, and less than two percent continue on to university. The MAIA impact school is the first female, indigenous-led secondary school in Central America that offers a holistic education focused equally on academics, culture and identity, socioemotional development, and family engagement.



El Porvenir

They believe all people deserve clean water, safe sanitation, and the knowledge to sustain it for the generations to follow. They partner with the people of Nicaragua so that they can build a better future for themselves through the sustainable development of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) education projects. They also take it a step further with their watershed management program, which promotes water flow, increases food security, and reduces the impact of climate change. Clean drinking water for all Nicaraguans—no matter how remote or how bad the road is—is at the core of everything they do, now and into the FUTURE.


Education Plus

Education Plus helps break the cycle of poverty in their community. Through it’s community center, through which children in their community receive education programs, social clubs, nutritious food and access to clean water.


United States

Veggie Rescue

The mission of Veggie Rescue is to improve the nutrition and quality of life for community members who are struggling with food insecurity by providing them with healthy, local produce and high quality prepared food, and to work with farmers and local businesses to reduce food waste. To carry out our mission, Veggie Rescue collects fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared food from local farms, farmers markets, backyards and businesses, then delivers this food directly to nonprofit recipient organizations and schools feeding community members in need.


San Marcos Christian Camp

San Marcos Christian Camp and Conference Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on Christ-centered ministry.They host Program Camps throughout the year for youth and adults. Each season holds unique camp experiences such as their youth summer camp, and a men’s conference in the Fall. They also host custom retreats (Guest Groups) year-round at their Conference Center, which can include meals, lodging, and recreation. During the school year, we host an Outdoor Science School for 5th and 6th graders. Their main mission is to help people “know, see and experience God.”